As localism and the bottom up economy have taken root around the country, more and more local leaders have begun to grapple with how to strengthen and accelerate this work in order to have a much larger impact.  Drawing upon some of the best thinkers and doers in the nation –  the Institute for Local Self Reliance, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), the Democracy Collaborative and others – Anthony Flaccavento provides local and regional leaders with assistance in building strategies that will help take their sustainable economy efforts to scale.  This might include:

  • Identifying policy barriers, both legislative and institutional, that hinder the development of bottom up economies, as well as policy opportunities that could strengthen them
  • Developing strategies for policy change that utilize and build upon the work on the ground
  • Understanding and impacting the public debate in order to build broad public support for bottom up, sustainable economies
  • Developing a media strategy that increases public understanding and support, and that helps foster better public policies
  • Fostering new ideas and initiatives by sharing and adapting innovations and best practices from other communities across the nation.