Losing Liberal Language

Excerpt from a recent Huffington Post piece, looking at media concentration as a window into the vernacular of the liberal and progressive elite:

Of course it goes without saying that the long-term, heavily funded campaign of the extreme Right to denigrate the government and denude the public sphere has played a huge role in this shift. Not to mention the actual policies adopted by so-called liberal administrations and politicians, from NAFTA to Wall Street deregulation. But I’m talking here about another critically important factor in the rise of Trump (and before him, Sara Palin and others): Losing liberal language. Vague, conditional, non-committal language that leaves you wondering where they stand and what, exactly, they just said. It’s the language of bureaucrats and Ivory Tower academics. Plenty of words, not much content. And for Heaven’s sake, nothing clear and simple, because that’s the way the less-educated talk.

Read the full article here.


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