The increasingly close presidential race

An article by Lauren McCauley, staff writer for Common Dreams, discusses the increasingly close presidential race, and includes these quotes from Uprising Radio executive producer Sonali Kolhatkar:

For Clinton to fixate on Trump’s endless flaws suggests that her own platform has little substance,” Kolhatkar wrote. “Her refusal to even attempt to embrace bold progressive values and her inability to read the simmering nationwide anger over economic and racial injustice are the larger obstacles to her popularity.”

She continued:

What Americans are looking for is bold, visionary thinking that acknowledges how broken Washington, D.C., is at our collective expense. The majority of Americans do not want measured, lukewarm progressive positions that keep systems intact. This is why Sanders, in calling for a “political revolution,” attracted so many new and independent voters, especially young millennials. This is why Trump is gaining traction, because between the two major-party candidates, his pathetic piƱata-inspiring figure is offering the bolder rhetoric.

If Clinton loses this election, it will not be because Americans are dumb, racist misogynists who would cut off their noses to spite their faces in refusing to elect a sane woman over an insane man. It will not be because too many Americans “selfishly” voted for a third party or didn’t vote at all. It will be because Clinton refused to compromise her allegiance to Wall Street and the morally bankrupt center-right establishment positions of her party and chose not to win over voters.

“This election is hers to lose,” Kolhatkar concludes, “and if this nation ends up with President Trump, it will be most of all the fault of Clinton and the Democratic Party that backs her.”

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