Many people are so-called “visual learners,” and most all of us are stretched to the limits of time and energy.   Given this, “Take Five with Tony” provides short, engaging video clips, each five minutes or less, that help explore and explain a very wide range of critical contemporary issues, including the economy, food and farming, genetic engineering, trade policy, politics and the public debate, and many more.  This weekly series “tackles complex issues most people avoid,” according to one viewer, and is “professional without being slick,” according to another.  Check it out, read about our two new web series below and then sign up to receive a weekly email prompt.

Take Five’s first three series are now available.

Take Five with Tony is covering a wide range of issues, hoping to reach people “beyond the choir,” while also helping to describe or explain topics that can sometimes be baffling. As part of that effort, periodically Take Five will present a series of video segments, each still 5 minutes or less, that are best viewed as a group, whether in one sitting or over the course of a couple of days. The intent will not be to present an entirely comprehensive examination of the issue, but rather, to touch on some of the most important elements of that particular issue, and how these parts interrelate. As always, we’ll use both plain language and lots of examples, stories and images to help shed light on the topic.

Series One: The Truth about Genetic Engineering and GMO foods 

This four part series covers:

Segment 1: Are GMOs Needed to Fight World Hunger?

Segment 2: What IS Genetic Engineering and how does it compare to Traditional Plant Breeding?

Segment 3: GMO Foods are Perfectly Safe. Or are they?

Segment 4: Recap, Summary, and Support for Labeling Laws.

Below, find a link to the above videos in one convenient playlist that you can play one-by-one or as a whole.

Series Two: Reality Economics – Understanding Some Basics of How the Economy Really Works

This is a five-part series including the following:

Segment 1: Trickle Down Economics in the Real World

Segment 2: Trickle Down vs Bottom Up Economic Strategies

Segment 3: What is the GDP?

Segment 4: Sausage Biscuits and Economic Externalities?

Segment 5: The Bottom Up Economy in Practice

Below, find a link to the above videos in one convenient playlist that you can play one-by-one. If you like, pause between the videos to discuss. Each video builds on the previous video.